You Can Have Confidence in A Crisis

Dr. Dana Cline

1. Recognition of great need should drive you to pray (20:1-4)

A. Recognition of need does not automatically drive us to pray

1) Panic

2) Anger at God

3) Trust in self/others

B. Recognition of great need requires humbling yourself before God and others

2. Recognition of your great God should direct your prayers (20:5-13)

A. In your prayers, not only seek answers to your problems, but seek God Himself

B. In your prayers, seek God as revealed in His Word

1) God's Attributes (20:6)

2) God's Actions (20:7)

3) God's Ability (20:12)

3. Reliance on your great God should follow your prayers (20:14-30)

A. Reliance on God means being obedient to His Word

B. Reliance on God is always rewarded by God