Worldview Sunday Part 1 - The END Principle

Matt Williams

I. Example - Influence by modeling

  • People are impacted by what they see
  • Integrity-based on the internal.
  • Continuation (v2)
  • Character (v3)
    • Manner of Ministry
    • Message of Truth
    • Motives Pure
    • Methods, Not Trickery
  • Consistency (vv4-6)
  • Modeling develops trust which brings influence

II. Nurture - Motivating by nurturing love (vv7-9)

  • You can model but to nurture you have to work with others individually.
  • Nourish (v7) - patience
  • Affection (v8) - Sacrificing yourself for the success of others (II Cor. 12:15).
  • Devotion (v9)
  • People don't care how much you know util they know how much you care.

III. Direction - Mentoring for maximum impact (vv10-12)

  • Relationships are strengthened by challenging expectations.
  • His work (v9); His walk (v10); His words (v11)
  • Encouragement (v11), to call to one's side.
  • Comfort (v11), encouraged to activity
  • Charged (v11), testify or give personal witness.