Trust & Obey

Randall Flack



 God's responsibility My responsibility 
 Out of my control  In my control
 Prov. 3:5-6 1 Samuel 15:22 
Emotions and feelings  Thinking and actions 
 Takes time Right away 
 Unknown Known 
 God is our Father I am a child 
 God is our General/Commander I am a soldier 
 God is omnipotent God-given abilities 
 Dependence Diligence and Discipline 
 "Let go and let God." ""Do what's right." 

 Verse to consider

John 13:17 - There is happiness/joy in obedience.

Eccl. 9:10 - Do whatever God has given you to do.

Eccl. 12:13 - Fear God and keep His commandments

Phil. 4:19 - God will supply our needs.

Rom. 8:28-29

Romans 12:14-21



 ~Allow God to work - v. 19

~Recognize that vengeance belongs to God - v. 19

~Recognize that God determines justice - v. 19

~God wants to grow me.

 ~Bless those who persecute us - v. 14

~Be tender & compassionate - v. 15 (rejoice with and weep with)

~Commit to living in harmony - v. 16-17 (ourward actions)

~Do not be proud - v. 16

~As far as you can, live at peace with everyone - v. 18

~Meet your enemies need - v. 20

~Overcome evil with good - v. 21