The Peril of Partial Obedience: Rehoboam

Dr. Dana Cline

1. Partial obedience is peril for us all

  • Partial obedience means hearing what we want to hear, not what God says.
  • Partial obedience means acting before you seek the Lord's mind, not after.
  • Partial obedience means living in line with custom, not in submission to God's Word.
  • Partial obedience means diluting the worship of the one true God with cultural religion.
  • Partial obedience means following God when you're in need, but forsaking Him when you're doing well.

2. Partial obedience results in partial blessing.

  • Partial obedience results in weakened national, religious, and family life.
  • Partial obedience results in the service of a more difficult master.
  • Partial obedience results in continual hassels.

What's the solution to partial obedience?

  • You need to see the foolishness of trying to dodge God.
  • Humble yourself and acknowledge God's righteousness in disciplining you through trials (12:6).
  • Set your heart to seek God.