The One Necessary Thing

Dr. Dana Cline

What is the one activity that you know if you did superbly well and consistently would have significant positive results in your walk with God?

Worship must undergird our work.

Why is sitting at Jesus' feet the one necessary thing?

1. The Word provides us with the very wisdom of God that we need for all of life's decisions.

2. The Word puts us in communion with the living Lord of heaven and earth.

3. The Word puts all of life's pressure in proper perspective.

4. The Word is the good part which cannot be taken from you. 

Whey don't we sit at Jesus' feet more often?

1. We're too busy with urgent demands.

2. We get distracted by worries and cares.

3. We're afraid of what family and friends will think of us.

How can we get started in sitting at Jesus' feet?

1. Stop blaming others, deal with your pride, and commit to change.

2. Start simply and realistically and work up from there.

Will you begin today and will you do whatever it takes to be consistent from now on?