The Life of Christ in the Gospel of Luke - Introduction

Dr. Dana Cline

Matthew, Mark, and Luke - synoptic gospels (Not biographies, rather selective, interpretive sketches of the life of Christ, each with a different purpose)

-Luke has a number of distinctive features

-Luke has universal emphasis: the gospel is for every class, race, and nation

Problem - Postmodernism (spiritual truth is a matter of personal opinion)

-It is essential to affirm that the Christian faith is rooted in objective history and absolute, unchanging truth

1. Luke's gospel is rooted in the facts of verifiable history.

-Paul links the entire Christian faith to one verifiable historical event, the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15)

2. How can we know this is true?

1. Many witnesses of Christ which Luke consulted (1:1).

2. Many of these sources were eye witnesses to the entire ministry of Jesus Christ (1:2).

3. Carefully researched to verify before he wrote (1:3).

3. Luke's gospel is an orderly, purposeful account of the life and ministry of the Savior.

4. Luke's gospel can and must be believed with confidence and handed down to other faithful witnesses.