The Danger of Growing Complacent: Asa

Dr. Dana Cline

"Untended fires soon die and become just a pile of ashes." ~A Veteran Missionary

1. If you seek the Lord, He will strongly support you (major theme in Chronicles)

A. Seeking the Lord means:

1) Obedience to God's Word (14:4).

2) Separation from known evil (14:5; 15:8; 16-17).

3) Fortify your life against spiritual danger (14:6-8).

4) Trusting in the Lord, not methods (14:11)

5) Committing yourself to worship the Lord (15:8b-15, 18)

B. God's strong support means (14:1,5-7, 12-15; 15:4,7,15; 16:9):

1) Rest

2) Routing the enemy

3) The reward of finding the Lord (15:2, 7, 15)

4) Rejoicing (15:15)

2. If you forsake the Lord, you come under His discipline.

A. Forsaking the Lord means:

1) Trusting in your schemes rather than in the Lord.

2) Using what works without regard to whether it's biblical.

3) Rejecting God's means of correction (16:7-10).

B. When you forsake the Lord you come under His discipline. God's discipline:

1) Involves verbal correction (16:7-9)

2) Sometimes involves problems to cause us to turn to Him (16:9b, "wars").

3) Sometimes involves illness (16:12).

4) Sometimes involves death (16:13)

Do not allow yourself to grow complacent!