Spiritual Renewal/Revival

Dr. Dana Cline

1. Spiritual renewal comes through commitment to the Lord (29:1-11).

Hezekiah's first prioirty in the face of a national crisis was to call the nation and its leaders back to the proper commitment to God.

A. Commitment to God is the most pressing need in a time of pressing need

God sends the problem to get us to stop and get our priorities back in line

B. Commitment to God brings hope in the darkest of situations.

C. Commitment to God always involves a radical commitment to His Word.

Spiritual renewal is always centered on a renewal of the authority of God's Word.

Commitment puts God's Word into life by obeying it when it confronts the way we live.

2. Spiritual renewal comes through cleansing in accordance with God's Word (29:12-24).

God can't use you to impact others for Christ until you cleanse yourself from defilement.

The offerings typify the kind of cleansing and consecration we need as worshipers of God.

a. The sin offering pictured substitution.

b. The burnt offering pictured consecration.

c. The thank offering pictured devotion.

3. Spiritual renewal expresses itself in celebration with God's people (29:25-36).

a. These people weren't just mumbling a religious service.

b. Their hearts were in it!

What would a visitor think of our worship of God by hearing us sing?

Spiritual renewal begins in our (MY) hearts!