Shepherding Your Family

Dr. Dana Cline

Your job is to be the family shepherd, under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

  1. Make sure that you've entered through, and lead your children through the door. (10:9)
    • Nothing will turn your children away from the faith more than hypocrisy on your part.
  2. Work knowing your family individually (10:3-5, 14).
    • This implies spednign quantity time, not just quality time.
    • Influence always comes through relationship.
  3. Set the example for your family (10:4).
    • If you want your children to be overcoming their sins, you must be overcoming your sin, beginning on the thought level.
  4. Lead you family to pastures of God's Word (10:9-10).
    • YOu want to communicate by example that God's word and prayer are vital.
  5. Guard your family from danger (10:10-13).
    • From evil influences (teach about spiritual truth and error).
  6. Serve your family (10:11, 15, 17-18)
    • The emphasis is on Jesus' willingly laying down His life for us.
  7. Tenderly care for each family member, even if not being especially lovable (10:12-13).

The goal is to see our family members without spiritual blemish, holy and blameless, growing in personal and spiritual maturity (Eph. 5:27; 6:4).

We should sacrifice ourselves cheerfully out of love.

Model for your kids the joy of serving Jesus Christ.