No One is Beyond Hope

Dr. Dana Cline

Though one of the greatest sinners, Manasseh was converted!

Because God is merciful, there is hope for the worst of sinners who repent.

1. Manasseh was the worst of sinners.

A. He sinned against great light (Each must answer to God for himself).

Parents, you need to pray, work, and look for signs of conversion in your children.

B. Manasseh sinned boldly.

C. Manasseh led others into sin (People tend to be followers).

Be careful not to be influenced to tolerate evil.

Evaluate everything a leader says by God's Word and have the courage to stand against evil, no matter who is promoting it.

D. Manasseh loved himself and hated God.

2. Manasseh repented (33:12)

A. Repentance means turning to God from sin (performing deeds appropriate to repentance).

B. Repentance means forsaking self-sufficiency - submissively casting self on God's grace (33:12).

3. Repentance results in God's undeserved blessing (v. 13).

There are consequences to our sin, even when we repent (33:27). Sin always leaves scars.

God will not undo all consequences of your sin (to teach us the seriousness of sin).

God's mercy seen in verse 1: "55 years" The longest reign of any kind in Judah!

Why would God allow this wicked king to occupy the throne for 55 years (2 Peter 3:9)?

No one is beyond home, because God's grace is greater than all our sin!