Marriage Communication

Dr. Marty Marriott

I. Be Swift to Heart

A. You must seek to create and sustain a communicating climate.

B. You must learn to deal with the attitudes that cripple communication.

II. Be Slow to Speak

A. You must learn the best ways to communicate.

1. Our communication must be wise and sensitive.

2. Our communication must be open.

3. Our communication must be patient.

B. You must learn the best times to communicate about specific problems and areas of concern (sensitivity).

C. You must learn when not to communicate your feelings.

III. Be Slow to Wrath

If you speak when you are angry, you may make the best speech you will ever regret.

Anger is an emotion we control.

Practical Pointers:

1. Focus on strategic moments for better communication.

2. Share reading.

3. Use a scale of 1-10 when sharing opinions.

4. Ask, 'What is your gut feeling on this?"