Love One Another

Dr. Dana Cline

"Because it is the Lord's commandment, and if this only is done, it is enough."

Love is not an optional virtue for the believer.

It is the distinguishing mark of the church in the world.

1. You should love other believers (4:7-8)

A. God is the very source of genuine love, because it comes from His very nature.

B. God's true children display His nature.

2. God's love provides the pattern for your love (4:9-10).

A. You are exhibit A of God's great love - He sent His Son for you.

B. Your love for others is not a point of pride.

3. You must love others or you are being disobedient to God (4:11).

A. We must love those who may not be especially lovable or easy to love.

B. You must be the channel for His love to flow to those who may not be very lovable.

If God so loved us, shouldn't we work at loving one another in our homes and in this church, even when it's difficult?