Living a Worthwhile Life

Dr. Dana Cline

Behind all of the yardsticks of "success" in the world is the goal of personal happiness.

A life devoted to God is a worthwhile life--a life well spent.

1. Devotion to God is all that really matters.

2. Devotion to God is available to everyone.

Anna was a woman.

ANna was a widow.

Anna was elderly.

No matter your station in life, you can be devoted to God and He will be pleased.

3. Devotion to God always involves worship, witness, and waiting.

Worship (2:37)

Fasting + Prayer

Take time to spend in devotion to the LORD.

Read His Word, sing some hymns or praise songs, and pray.

WItness (2:38)

Part of living the Christian life is talking about it.

The order is important: worship first, then witness. 

Waiting (2:38)

1 Thessalonians 1:10

Devotion to God is really all that matters.

Available to everyone.

Always involves worship, witness, and waiting for his final redemption to come.

A life devoted to anything else, no matter how noble, is a life ultimately wasted.