Glorifying the God of Mercy

Dr. Dana Cline

Introduction: We are focused on ourselves and our own happiness, rather than on the glory of God.

  1. God is merciful
    1. The nature of God
      1. Mary knew she was a sinner (1:47)
      2. Teaches that God's name is holy (1:49)
      3. Emphasize God's great mercy (1:50, 54)
      4. God is the giver of good things (1:53)
      5. GOd is faithful to hIs promises (1:54, 55)
    2. Nature of God's Mercy
      • HIs mercy and grace should permeate our daily walk with HIm
      • Assures us that though we may waver, GOd will not renege.
  2. Objects of God's Mercy
    • Know God personally as their Savior
    • Are seeking God in His Word
    • Are filled with praise and joy (1:46, 47)
    • Have a big view of God and a little view of self
    • Are hungry, but have been satisfied by God (1:53)
  3. Objects of God's Judgment
    1. Characterized: "proud in the thoughts of their heart" (1:51)
    2. Condemned: sxattered (1:51), brought down (1:52), and sent away empty-handed (1:53)

Conclusion: The church at Laodicea professed to be a Christian church. God's perspective was a bit different (Rev. 3:17)