Faithful Evangelism

Josh Sexton

I. It is a directive from a fellow soldier.

A. Be a proclaimer.

B. Be the difference.

i. There is no time off

ii. Challenge the "status quo"

1. Reprove

2. Rebuke

3. Exhort

iii. Teaching with patience

II. It is the only way some will hear Truth

A. People will not listen to the Truth.

B. People will find someone to listen to.

C. People will simply reject the Truth.

III. It is our personal responsibility

A. We must be the difference people see.

i. Evangelist - Announcer of glad tidings!

1. Eph. 4:11

2. Acts 21:8

ii. When people look at our lives - do they see the difference that Christ makes in us?

B. We must be careful.

C. Protect your testimony.