Conflict Resolution - Part 3

Dr. Dana Cline

1. The source - the old man (4:17-23)

2. The solution - the new man (4:25-32)

A. The new man replaces falsehood with truth (4:25)

B. The new man replaces indifference with proper anger (4:26-27)

C. The new mane replaces selfishness with giving (4:28)

D. The new man replaces destructive speech with constructive speech (4:29)

E. The new man replaces improper anger with kindness and forgiveness (4:31-32)

3. The key solution to conflicts - the Holy Spirit (4:30)

1. Our motive in haivng harmonious relationships is not just to live happily - our motive should be to please God/not grieve the Spirit.

2. We can't separate our relationship with God and oru relationship with others.