Christian Fellowship - Part 1

Dr. Dana Cline

  1. The word for fellowship means some thing held in common.
  2. Fellowship is a relationship of inter-dependence between more than one individual.
  3. Fellowship is never used to describe man's relationship to God before the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (which we have now)
  4. Several synonyms refer to unity expressed outwardly (related by love on basis of characterists, share in common enterprise, fellowworker, fellow-participant), but koinonia refers to the inner unity that is the basis for fellowship.
  5. Fellowship does not stop at an inward unity, because it is an action word.
  6. It is describing a unique relationship with Christ. We are in Christ and in Christ's body. But neither is fellowship. It is doing with Christ. It is a partnership in doing God's will. Fellowship with Christ is foundation for this work. It is not passive, but it is active!
  7. Fellowship is not doing just any thing, but it is actively doing God's will together.