A Godly Heritage

Dr. Dana Cline

The family is at the center of God's purpose.

We impart a godly heritage to our children and grandchildren by:

1. Taking spiritual concern for them.

2. Recounting to our children and grandchildren your own experiences with God.

Three things you need to impart to your children and grandchildren:

1. Tell them of God's faithfulness towards you.

Complainers tell others something untrue about God, namely that He is not faithful.

2. Tell them of God's salvation.

3. Tell them of God's amazing grace.

3. Picturing to your children your hopes for the future.

We do not truly bless our children if we encourage their worldly success instead of success with God.

By our example, through stories we read to them, through the values we live and teach, we need to give our children a vision.

The most important heritage we can hand down to our children and grandchildren is faith in God's promises.