"God, It's Not Fair!"

Dr. Dana Cline

1. At times it seems that life isn't fair because the wicked prosper and the godly suffer (73:1-14).

A. This is a problem (73:1).

B. Envy is the root of this kind of struggle (73:3).

C. At stake in the "life isn't fair" complaint are God's goodness and sovereignty.

D. Thinking that God isn't fair leads to questioning the benefits of following him.

The Psalmist was viewing life by sight, not by faith.

2. The way out of the "life isn't fair" pity party is to gain God's eternal perspective on these matters (73:15-28).

A. Face your responsibility to other believers (73:15).

*If we grumble and impugn God's goodness in the hearing of our children, we may turn them against following the Lord. They need to see that our faith is real!*

B. Take time to think biblically about matters before you act (73:16).

C. Take time to meet with God and His people (73:17).

D. Gain God's eternal perspective on death and judgment (73:18-22, 27).

E. Recognize that God is your Chief Treasure for time and eternity (73:23-28)!

~God is our chief treasure, both on earth and forever in heaven (v. 25-26)

~God Himself is enough!

~God is the treasure.

~God is the main blessing.

If you have God as the strength of your heart and your portion forever, you have it all.

If you are ever struggling with God not being fair - It may be because He is not your chief treasure above all.

The main blessing is to know God Himself as the strength of your heart and your portion forever!