Spring DIG Groups

by FBWS Church Secretary on April 4, 2019

This spring, join with us as we delight in God through the study of His Word. You may join one of the following three DIG Groups:


Taught by Mr. Rob Early (Room 29)
The series on Proverbs will do the following:
• Show how to use wisdom in reflecting God's glory in the details of daily life.
• Teach that God's ways are immensely practical.
• Demonstrate how to understand, embrace, and obey God's truth.
The book of Proverbs identifies four characters: the wise, the fool, the simple, and the scoffer. You can learn how to be the wise person.

Baptist History

Taught by Dr. Dana Cline (Rm. 22)
To be a Christian is to be a part of history. And to grow as a Christian is to be a student of history. Christianity isn't a religion of abstraction or of speculative philosophies, but is a religion of historical fact. It is, among other things, a message about events that took place in time and space. Christianity also teaches some eternal truths (the existence of God, his attributes, and Trinitarian nature, etc.) but is focused on the historical events of Jesus' incarnation, death and resurrection. Therefore, the Christian is personally involved with history. As Baptists we need to know our heritage and have an understanding of the circumstances our forefathers wrestled with as the early Baptist churches were formed.

Clothed With Humility (Ladies’ Class)

Taught by Mrs. Deborah Reinhardt (Room 28) The biblical command to “clothe yourselves with humility” is completely antithetical to our twenty-first century American culture. Bestselling books encourage women to pursue their dreams and expect others to serve them in the process. Social media tempts us to present picture-perfect lives. Personal relationships are inhibited by our fear of what others might think of us. Yet the more we try to be great, the more our anxiety and dissatisfaction grows. True, biblical humility brings simplicity and blessing to our lives as we give God His rightful place. In this study, we will look at humility from many different angles—the danger of pride, the benefits of humility, the right views of God and self, and practical applications for cultivating humility in many different contexts.