Foundation Brass


FBWS Church Secretary

We hope that you were able to attend services last Sunday. The Foundation Brass presented beautiful hymn arrangements intermingled with Scripture and testimonies in the morning. In the evening, we had a wonderful time of singing and testimony, along with a look at Psalm 136.

Study of Revelation


FBWS Church Secretary

Have you ever read the Book of Revelation and wondered about its message? Do you understand the importance of Bible prophecy and want to learn more? Do you want to learn solid principles of Biblical interpretation? If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” please join us on Sunday evenings (6:00 pm) as Pastor Cline continues to teach through this important Book. Although the series is already in progress, you will benefit from your study of the Book of Revelation!

Foundation Brass Special Service May 25th


FBWS Church Secretary

Join us on May 25th at 10:15 am for a special service with the Foundation Brass group. There will be uplifting music and great preaching! Questions? Please call the church office at 674-1816.

WSCS Spring Drama Friday, May 2


FBWS Church Secretary

The West Seneca Christian School Drama will be this Friday, May 2nd. Come join an eccentric family and their unusual guests on an adventure to discover the importance of family and home.

Ladies' Brunch May 10th


FBWS Church Secretary

Ladies of all ages are invited to join us for our upcoming Ladies' Brunch scheduled for Saturday, May 10th. Mark your calendars now and invite your friends! If you have questions, please call the church office at 716-674-1816.

Church Work Day, May 3rd


FBWS Church Secretary

On Saturday, May 3rd, at 10:00 am, we will have our annual spring work day where we clean our church grounds and building. Come and enjoy a fun-filled work day with your church family!

Sunrise Service & Breakfast 2014


FBWS Church Secretary

Please plan now to join us for our sunrise service and breakfast on Easter Sunday morning. The service will begin at 7:00 am and a delicious breakfast will be served. Sunday School classes and the morning service still be at 9:00 and 10:15 am.

Men of Vision and Prayer April 5th


FBWS Church Secretary

Men of Vision and Prayer (MVP) will meet this Saturday (April 5th) at 8:00 am. All men are invited to come and join us for coffee and donuts, followed by a time of biblical instruction designed to strengthen our relationship with the Lord and our families. Our Bible study is followed by prayer and often a project in the church building. You are invited to come and to stay as long as you are able.

Goodsearch to help WSCS


FBWS Church Secretary

Would you like to get involved in a simple method of supporting WSCS? We would like to encourage you to select goodsearch.com as your search engine. Once you select it, choose West Seneca Christian School to be the beneficiary of your searches. Then, for every search that you make, 14 will be donated to WSCS. Already, nearly $120.00 has been donated to our school. One friend of our school has done enough searches to make a donation of more than $30.00. We have found that the search engine works very well (like google.com). Some affiliated sites like goodshop.com provide additional methods of making free donations to our school! If many of us can make goodsearch.com the main search engine on our computers, tablets, and phones, support for our school can increase dramatically. We hope that you will sign up today!

Manners and Customs of Bible Times


FBWS Church Secretary

On Sunday, March 9, Dr. Buria began to teach a class about manners and customs of Bible times. Many passages of Scripture that are difficult to understand for Westerners are readily explained by a knowledge of Middle Eastern cultural patterns. Some of the topics that will be discussed as time permits are tent dwellings, houses in Bible times, foods and their preparation, customs at mealtime, special suppers and banquets, eastern hospitality, daily activities, dress and ornamentation, etc. The class meets in room 26.